VOS #6

OPEN CALL for digital art!

VOS – Virtual Open Space – an online galerie for digital art

Bild - VOS #6 exhibition curated by Roland Wegerer

VOS – Virtual Open Space ia an online exhibition space that brings every two month a new theme-specific exhibition and a new open call for digital art! All kinds of digital artworks who can be embedded in a Website are welcome (Videoart, Soundart, Animation, Text, Websites,…).This is an experimental further step to develop digital art for public audience and so there is also NO FEE for artists.

This project needs your support!Please share and recommend VOS to make this project bigger and more popular. So we can reach together a bigger audience for further projects.


Looking forward to watch your submission(s) 🙂

All the best,
VOS – Virtual Open Space
Roland Wegerer


#HOLIDAYS – New online exhibition of digital art

OPEN CALL – VOS#6 – SUMMER OF ’68  http://vos.rolandwegerer.com

Bild - VOS #5 exhibition curated by Roland Wegerer

Holidayseason is coming!
A well earned time to rest, experience adventures, …
Holidays are compressed time, full of expectations and hopes.
Why are holidays are this glorious? What means holidays to artists? Are holidays a 1st world problem?

Artists: Lynn Bianchi, Hans Michael Bittner, Simone Stoll, Alice Woods, Neil Needleman

curated by Roland Wegerer