The new Exhibition of VOS – Virtual Open Space is online!
Visit http://vos.rolandwegerer.com to watch the new show with artworks by Mauricio Sanhueza, Vera Sebert, Anna Snowball, Mikio Saito, José Simões, Gabrielle Lenhard and Risa Okita

This means also: there is also a new OPEN CALL out!
You are warmly invited to visit the new exhibition and take part on the new Open Call!

Logo VOS Darkness-has-fallen


VOS | Virtual Open Space – Roland Wegerer


What is going on in the dark? Secrets and silence are comming to lay over the world until dawn. Anyone who hides finds a place, everyone who falls rise up! Figures and Creatures are meeting.

VOS #8 is now calling for digital artworks who give darkness a chance. We are looking for a wide range of digital artworks dedicated to the theme! Still, there are all kinds and types of digital arts allowed and highly appreciated to represent this strong theme, like sound, animation, webbased artwork, photography, video, text,…

VOS is looking for any kind of digital artworks that can be embedded in a website. This is an online / ongoing project by Roland Wegerer (http://vos.rolandwegerer.com)
Deadline: DECEMBER 10, 2017


VOS – Virtual Open Space is an online exhibition space that brings every two month a new theme-specific exhibition and a new open call for digital art!All kinds of digital artworks who can be embedded in a Website are welcome (Videoart, Soundart, Animation, Text, Websites,…).This is an experimental further step to develop digital art for public audience and so there is also NO FEE for artists.

This project needs your support!Please share and recommend VOS to make this project bigger and more popular. So we can reach together a bigger audience for further projects.

Visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VirtualOpenSpace/

Looking forward to watch your submission(s) 🙂
VOS Bild_Crowdfunding_Audiolandscape-StrundengauCROWDFUNDING!
Please, support my new Project „Audiolandscape Strudengau“ – collecting soundscapes from a hidden countryside in Austria to „paint“ a new type of landscape – and get some nice Perks!